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Since we do not have accountants or attorneys on staff at Grimes & Company, our Advisors have the flexibility to work directly with your existing processionals or assist you in finding a great fit for your specific situation and geography.

We maintain a network of tax, legal and insurance experts that have been vetted by our compliance team. Please allow us to help round out your team of specialized professionals!

At Grimes and Company, we strive to work closely with clients’ other trusted professionals, such as their CPA or attorney. The best financial plans usually have a team of experts working in collaboration with each other, but at the same time having expertise in their own disciplines. We do not have attorneys or tax professionals on staff because we understand that each client situation is unique, and often best suited for a CPA or attorney with a particular area of expertise.

For those clients who are looking for other professionals to round out their team, we are happy to make a referral to someone who has both the expertise that matches your needs, and personality that matches what you want to ensure a good long term relationship. We maintain a network of tax, legal, and insurance experts that have been vetted by our compliance team, so please do not hesitate to ask us.

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